MOVING METROS: Blog posts by Digital Youth in Media City (DiMe) project

Digital Youth in Media City (DiMe) project has published two interesting blog posts during June and July 2016.

In the latest blog post “Following the rhythm of St. Petersburg metro”, Yana Krupets writes about her observations on the city’s metro both as a researcher and a resident. The underlying message is that in order to know the city, you must know the metro.

“And this ‘naturalness’ is needed to be overcome by the researcher, it is necessary to return the look and habits of ‘tourist’. Then the metro starts slightly to open its secrets: you will have an opportunity to feel its rhythms, to see how people choose routes and make their stops (maybe even automatically), how they seek quite places and build the distances, trying to isolate themselves from others, how they go all together, but remain alone at the same time.”

Heta Mulari writes about her ethnographic metro rides in Helsinki in an earlier blog post “First Encounters”.

"I start to think that I probably wouldn’t feel this uneasy and easily startled if I wasn’t observing. If I were just ordinarily travelling, I would keep to my smartphone, browse Facebook, write WhatsApp messages and listen to music. I would distance myself from people and noice around me by creating my own, mediated space in the metro car. This is of course not ok in case something disturbing would happen, such as harassment or racist insulting." (Metro Diary, pt. 2, May 2016)

Both texts can be found at the DiMe website: