16th Nordic Youth Research Symposium NYRIS 2024


NYRIS 2024

Youth in a Just and Fair World

June 12-14th, 2024, Tampere, Finland

Young people around the globe are growing up amidst a plethora of socio-ecological crises. Their lives and futures are marked by climate change, wars, security concerns, social unrest and pandemics. This situation worries many young people. At the same time they are left with a feeling that their worries are ignored or that they are not heard equally to older generations. From the perspective of young people’s experiences, it is imperative to ask how the older generations can ensure that the world will be safe for both the contemporary young people and future generations. The questions of a just and fair world are not only matters of political decision-making and participation but concern young people’s daily lives, social relations, transitions to adulthood, youth cultures and spaces, institutions governing young lives and intergenerational interaction in general.

The keynote speakers of the conference are: Prof. Hernan Cuervo / University of Melbourne, Prof. Aoife Daly / University College Cork, Academy Research Fellow Tuija Huuki / University of Oulu, Prof. Ole Jakob Madsen / University of Oslo, and Prof. Rachel Thomson / University of Sussex

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