Thesis Competition

The Finnish Youth Research Society has awarded the best Master’s thesis authors in Finland with youth research Master’s Thesis Awards since 2001. Until 2012 the competition was only aimed at university theses, but since 2013, the competition has been divided into two categories: one for universities and another for universities of applied sciences. The theses from universities of applied sciences are also divided into two separate categories, one for Bachelor's theses and another for Master's theses, which alternate each year. In 2016, Master's theses can be entered into the competition.

The Youth Research Thesis Awards are given during the Annual Conference of Youth Studies organized by the society.

 Competition for Youth Research Theses 2023

 The registration for the thesis competition has started! In 2023 the competition categories are 1) Master’s thesis at the university level, and 2) Bachelor's thesis at the university of applied sciences level. 

Further information about the competition, the criteria for participation and instructions for the participation can be found from the Competition call in What's new-section.