Anyone interested in youth research can join the Finnish Youth Research Society. The Society has nearly 400 members.

Members of the Youth Research Society receive 25 % discount of the Society’s publications and discounts on participation fees for events arranged by the Society. In addition, the Society provides assistance grants to enable its members to participate in seminars in the field. 

Membership fees in 2023

The membership fee is € 30 per year (€ 10 for students). Members also receive a discount on subscriptions to Nuorisotutkimus magazine.

If you would like to become a member please fill in the electronic application form. Membership is granted by the Society’s governing board. The approval can take several weeks depending on the meeting schedules of the board.

After you have been granted the membership we will send you an information letter and invoice for the membership fee.

Data Protection

The Finnish Youth Research Society processes personal data responsibly, respecting the privacy of the individuals. We process personal data in accordance with the applicable laws and statutory guidelines and the principles of good governance.

More detailed information about personal data processing carried out by the Finnish Youth Research Society is available in our Privacy Statement (PDF).