The board of directors is the highest governing authority of the Finnish Youth Research Society.

The Society’s Board of Directors consists of a chairperson and between six and ten regular members and three deputy members. Members of the board are elected annually.

Board 2020


  • Päivi Honkatukia (University of Tampere)

Regular members 

  • Antti Maunu (SP Antti Maunu)
  • Mirja Määttä (Centre for Economic Development, Transportation and the Environment)
  • Marja Peltola (University of Helsinki)
  • Noora Pyyry (Univeristy of Helsinki)
  • Petri Paju (Central Union for Child Welfare)
  • Jussi Ronkainen (Xamk)
  • Anne-Mari Souto (Univeristy of Eastern Finland)
  • Tarja Tolonen (University of Helsinki)
  • Tiina Valkendorff (Univeristy of Helsinki)
  • Antti Kääriälä (Finnish institute for health and welfare)

Vice members 

  • Juha Nieminen (University of Tampere)
  • Sari Näre (Univerisity of Helsinki)
  • Riikka Taavetti (Univeristy of Helsinki)