Annual Conference of Youth Studies 2023  

Diversity of Hope 

Humak University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki, Finland (Ilkantie 4)

Wednesday Nov 8


Lunch (Delicatessen, Humak, self-paid)

Opening words: Eeva Sinisalo-Juha, Humak University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki, board member of the Finnish Youth Research Society

 Plenary I   

Senior lecturer Dr Philip McDermott (Sociology within the School of Applied Social and Policy Sciences, Ulstern University, Northern Ireland): Considering the ‘process’ in Peace: Young People, hope and Reconciliation in Post-Conflict Northern Ireland 1998-Present Day (draft) 

Commentary: researcher, docent Panu Pihkala (University of Helsinki)

Coffee and Posters


Working groups I 

• Do chat services for youth build hope? (in English, hybrid)
• Exploring youth participation in various fields of life (in English, hybrid)
• Ihan digisti toivoa! Digitaalisuuden mahdollisuudet osallisuuden lisäämisessä (in Finnish)
• Mental health, well-being and social media in daily life, as well as experiences of stress and performance pressure among adolescents’ and young adults’ (in English, online)
• Nuoret ja haavoittuvuus (in Finnish)
• Nuorisotyön tutkimus (in Finnish)
• Nuorten toivo, hyvinvointi ja osallisuus (in Finnish)
• Planetaarinen ja aktiivinen toivo nuorisotutkimuksessa (in English and in Finnish, hybrid)
• Tutkimusetiikka lapsi- ja nuorisotutkimuksessa (in Finnish)
• Young people and technology (in English, hybrid)

Helsinki City Reception

After party

Torstai 9.11.2023   



Working groups II

• Experiences of loneliness and its causes, and relations to educational transitions as well as to guardians and family according to adolescents’, young adults’ and views of professionals (in English, online)
• Hopeful/hopeless encounters: methodological reflections on studying hope with young people (in English, hybrid)
• Järjestö- ja harrastustoiminta nuorten voimavarojen ja osallisuuden vahvistajana (in Finnish)
• Nuoret ja tekstit (in Finnish, on-site)
• Nuorten väkivaltarikollisuus (in Finnish, on-site)
• Out of (or never in) foci? Youth in non-urban places (in Finnish and in English, on-site)
• Taide, kasvatus ja toivon tilat (in Finnish, on-site)
• Toivo nuorten palveluissa (in Finnish, on-site)
• Ulos epätoivosta – tieteestä keinoja nuorten riskikäyttätymisen tunnistamiseen (in Finnish, hybrid)

Lunch (Delicatessen, Humak, self-paid)


Plenary II

 Chair and Professor, Dr Olga Osokina (Kyiv Medical University, Department of Neurology, Psychiatry and Medical Rehabilitation; Donetsk National Medical University, Department of Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Addictology and Medical Psychology, Kramatorsk, Ukraine): Children and young people at war (draft)  

Commentary: The Ombudsman for Children in Finland Dr, Docent Elina Pekkarinen  


The Youth Research Thesis Awards and Closing the Conference