XXII Annual Conference of Youth Studies 2023

Diversity of Hope

8–9th November 2023, Humak University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki, Finland

piirros, jossa ihmisiä piirissä ylhäältäpäin kuvattuna
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The theme of the conference is Diversity of Hope. In the midst of the climate crisis, pandemics, wars, economic crisis and other challenges that cause concern, young people need hope. In youth research, hope can be viewed both in relation to the past and the future. Hope can be seen in the tiniest everyday matters or equally in larger questions related to our entire planet. Hope can be seen in young people’s hobbies, free time or friends, as well as in education, working life and transitions to adulthood. Hope can be found in contemplating political matters or viewing moral or ethical questions. The aim of the conference is to view the life of young people, and contemplate how youth research can be utilised to create trust in the existence of hope.

Programme and Working groups


Working groups and abstracts.

Keynote speakers 

The keynote presenters at the conference will be Senior Lecturer Dr Philip McDermott (Ulster University, Northern Ireland) and Professor, Psychiatrist Olga Osokina (Donetsk National Medical University and Kyiv Medical University, Ukraine). Philip McDermott discusses hope in conflicted protracted uncertainty. Olga Osokina examines the situation of children and young people in the midst of war. What kind of hope can be found there?

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The conference will be held as a hybrid event, both on-line and at Humak University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki (Ilkantie 4).