XVII Annual Conference of Youth Studies 2018

Youth Cultures and Well-Being

Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Finnish Youth Research Society!

Helsinki, Finland, 5th–6th November 2018



Important dates

  • 2.11.2018 Abstracts for parallel sessions published
  • 15.10.2018 Schedule and info on Parallel sessions' is published
  • 1.10.2018 Registration is now closed
  • Week 41: Parallel sessions' schedules will be published
  • 30.9.2018 Deadline of registration and payments
  • 5.9.2018: Registration opens
  • 30.8.2018: Call for Papers Closed - The Call for Papers for XVII Annual Conference of Youth Studies is now closed

The theme of the Annual Conference of Youth Studies 2018 is Youth Cultures and Well-being. Studying and understanding youth cultures has been an essential element of the youth research inquiry since it began 30 years ago.

This year’s conference will return to the theme which led to the establishment of the Youth Research Society in 1988, approaching youth cultures as a resource for young people and society. This challenges common perceptions of youth groups and cultures as sources of risks, problems and fear, viewing them instead as platforms for social relations, sociability, learning and participation, and thus wellbeing. The conference will analyse youth cultures from various angles, including the history and future of youth cultures as source of wellbeing.

The Youth Cultures and Well-being conference is the 17th Annual Conference of the Finnish Youth Research Society. At the same time, the conference is the highlight of the Youth Research Society’s 30th anniversary.