Key arenas for our scientific and social advocacy include various types of scientific conferences and seminars that bring together researchers, civil servants, teachers, students and youth professionals to discuss issues related to young people's lives.

Upcoming seminars and events can be found under the Events section.

Open research seminars

The open research seminar is a forum organised by the Finnish Youth Research Society, aiming to promote youth research nationally and in a multidisciplinary way. The core purpose is to offer an open discussion platform for youth researchers and to support independent research work. At the same time the seminar functions as support for researcher education in the youth field.

The open research seminar has functioned since the foundation of the network in 1999. The open research seminar meets about 1–5 times per year.

More information: Open research seminars.

Annual Conference of Youth Studies

The Annual Conference of Youth Studies is the leading multidisciplinary conference for youth studies in Finland. It brings together researchers from various disciplines as well as professionals interested in youth studies. The conference has been held annually since 2002.

XXII Annual Conference of Youth Studies 2023

Diversity of Hope

The next Annual Conference of Youth Studies 2023 will be organized as a hybrid event, both on-line and at the at Humak University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki (Ilkantie 4), Finland, 8–9 November 2023.

More information: XXII Annual Conference of Youth Studies 2023.

Nordic Youth Research Symposium NYRIS

Nordic Youth Research Symposiums (NYRIS) have established their position as the leading youth research conference within the Nordic countries. Over the decades, the conferences have offered an opportunity for all with an interest in youth research to give and receive inspiring presentations and to participate in stimulating discussions. First NYRIS was organized in 1987.

16th Nordic Youth Research Symposium

Youth in a Just and Fair World

The next, 16th NYRIS conference will take place 12–14 June 2024 in Tampere, Finland. Call for sessions is open until 16 October 2023.

The 16th NYRIS (Nordic Youth Research Symposium) is hosted by Tampere University (TAU), and organised in collaboration by The Finnish Youth Research Society, youth work and youth research at TAU, PERLA – Tampere Centre for Childhood, Youth and Family Research and Childhood and Youth Studies at University of Helsinki.

More information: NYRIS2024.

Joint seminars

The Youth Research Society actively cooperates with other scientific societies and research organisations, both nationally and internationally, in its seminar activities. We also organise events such as book and report launches and other seminars to promote the active use of research on young people to the general public.