Youth Barometer

The annual Youth Barometer measures Finnish youth’s values and attitudes. The Advisory Council for Youth Affairs has published the Youth Barometer studying Finnish youth’s values and attitudes since 1994. The Finnish Youth Research Network has participated in making the Youth Barometer since 2004.

The Youth Barometer’s annually recurring questions with a time span of over 10 years enable tracking changes and perceiving actual current trends. Fourteen years of barometer data helps ignite both scientific analysis and youth policy deliberation. In addition to constant core themes work and education, long followed topics have included social influence and civic activism, habitation, future and social life, as well as contentment in life and its various aspects.

Annually changing themes aim to grasp hot topics related to young people and youth, providing needed and extensive up-to-date information.

Currently the Youth Barometer is published annually.

Published barometers

Youth Barometers in Finnish can be purchased (subject to availability) through our Online bookstore (only in Finnish) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Additional information: Finnish Youth Research Network’s Reseacher Sami Myllyniemi, tel. +358-(0)20 755 2656.