Päivi Berg

Päivi Berg


DrSocSc, Title of Docent (University of Helsinki)

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Päivi Berg (PhD, Title of Docent in Social Psychology) works in 2020-2021 as a researcher at South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences, Juvenia – youth research and development centre. She conducts the qualitative part in the project FREERIDE: Are there free tickets? Children’s independence and equality in mobility and physical activity following a free bus ride –experiment in the city of Mikkeli.
Berg’s expertise relates to gender studies, ethnography, embodiment, sports, and youth studies. In her studies, Berg has examined intersections of gender, social class and ethnicity in the context of school’s PE and in sports clubs. Her postdoctoral study Family, social class and the leisure sports-activities of children and young people was an ethnographical study of the young people in their sports-activities in two locations in Finland.
Berg has also examined how the youth, social and employment services meet 18-29-year-old young people and their needs in the project Young People at the Counter. During 2016-2017 Berg works was an associate leader and researcher in the project You Can Never Go Home Again: young adults in transforming labour market.

Publications in English

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