Janne Poikolainen

Janne Poikolainen

Post-doctoral researcher


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In his current research project, Poikolainen studies young people's experiences on the so-called "Great Migration", an exceptionally intense wave of internal migration taking place in Finland in the 1960s and early 1970s. This wave, strongly linked to the rapid socio-economic modernization, and with the youth as its core group, resulted in the transition of Finland from an agrarian country to an urban, increasingly modern society. In his study, Poikolainen traces the changes the increased mobility - both geographic and social - caused in the everyday life and life courses of young Finns, notably the baby-boomers and those born in the 1950s. Through this approach, and the oral history data used as the source material, Poikolainen aims to bring the study of the Great Migration towards the qualitative grass roots level perspective, as well as to take an in-depth look at the specific role of young people as the primary actors in this societal upheaval.