Antti Kivijärvi.

Antti Kivijärvi

Senior researcher

Doctor of Social Sciences

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In addition to The Finnish Youth Research Network, I have worked as a researcher in the universities of Helsinki and Eestern Finland. My previous research interests have been related to ethnicity, migration, gender, youth peer relations, leisure, marginalisation and youth services. Currently, I am studying the effects of school-based youth work in Finland (2020-2024). Moreover, I am coordinating a study related to Russian and Ukrainian minorities in Finland and their identity and knowledge formation and changes in them after the escalated Russian invasion (2022-2025).

Selected publications in English

Kivijärvi, Antti & Myllylä, Martta (2022) Layered Confinement in Reception Centers – A Study of Asylum Seekers’ Experiences in Finland. Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies. Published online 11 October 2022.

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