Nordic Network for Qualitative Longitudinal Youth Research – Nord-Lys

The Nordic Network for Qualitative Longitudinal Youth Research currently consists of members from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, but it is open for researchers also from other Nordic countries. There are currently several parallel longitudinal youth research projects using qualitative methods in the Nordic countries. This provides an interesting possibility of cultural comparisons and research cooperation.

The research network was established because qualitative longitudinal research projects are rare – even globally. This is despite the fact that in youth research, there has lately been an intensified interest in temporality and towards understanding youth as a dynamic process of change and growth. There is a need for methodological development and to facilitate the sharing of good research practices among researchers in general. Moreover, there is a need for a deepening the understanding of what it means to be young in the Nordic context, countries that are comparative in terms of their relative affluence and their welfare policies, but also with vital differences.


The network aims to offer a scientific forum for youth researchers who are involved with qualitative longitudinal research. The network members are interested in sharing information regarding the theoretical, methodological and ethical aspects of qualitative longitudinal research, as well as discussing such issues as data management, archival and funding. The network will aim for organizing scientific seminars and other events, co-publishing, as well as cooperating in funding applications.


The Nordic Network for Qualitative Longitudinal Youth Research was founded in December 2019, in a meeting organized in Helsinki by Academy Researcher Kaisa Vehkalahti from the University of Oulu and the Finnish Youth Research Network. Before the founding meeting, the members organized a joint symposium on qualitative longitudinal youth research at the Nordic Youth Information Symposium (NYRIS) in Denmark, August 2019. There have been various contacts between longitudinal researchers from many Nordic countries even before this event.

Next meeting

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Other activities

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Nordic research projects currently involved in the network


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Youth in time (coordinator FYRN)

Rural Generations on the Move. Cultural History of Rural Youth, 1950–2020 (coordinator University of Oulu)


Ungdom i endring (unfortunately only in Norwegian).

See also Inequality in youth -database.


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Contact information

The network is co-chaired by:

Ingunn Eriksen
Nova, University of Oslo, Norway
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Sinikka Aapola-Kari
Finnish Youth Research Network, Finland
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How to join the network?

If you are interested in finding out more, and in joining the network, send a short description of yourself and the research project that you are currently involved with, either to Ingunn or Sinikka by e-mail.