Research Activities

Research within the Finnish Youth Research Society consists of international research projects of varying duration, scope and funding and various types of national work including more permanent research activities based on regular data collections.

Most of our research is carried out in research projects, of which there are around 20 per year, employing around 20-30 researchers. From this page you can find current international activities and some examples of national research activities.

Research Projects

Regular data collection

The regular data collection activities form a permanent area of the Finnish Youth Research Society producing quantitative and qualitative monitoring data on young people. The regular data collection is made up of four areas that meet the needs for quantitative and qualitative current data on young people. Instruments for collecting quantitative data are the Youth Barometer that is produced annually and A Study of Children’s and Young People’s Leisure Activities and the Youth Living Conditions Yearbook that are published in alternate years. Alongside the quantitative data collection instruments, the modelling of a qualitative longitudinal study is in progress in the Youth in time research project (2014–2025).