Network-based Development of Youth Work Statistics and Key Characteristics (2013-2015)

The Youth Research Network will implemented a research-based development project to assemble and analyse Youth work statistics and key characteristics during 15.12.2013 – 31.3.2015. The objective of the project was to assemble youth sector statistics and key characteristics used locally, regionally, nationally or Europe-wide, assess their usability in cooperation with actors in the youth field and with such cooperation, to develop statistics and key characteristics common to the sector common to all actors and a mind-set sufficiently reflecting the quality of youth work and its value to the individual, the community and society.

The researcher in charge of the project was Senior Researcher Anu Gretschel PhD, and the other researchers were Docent Anne Puuronen and Researcher Pirjo Junttila-Vitikka (MEd). In addition to their own work, Community Pedagogues Eija Kauniskangas and Essi Helin were working as Research Assistants in the project.

Final report has been published with Summary in English in page 246-248.

See also the follow-up project for developing evaluation in open youth work: Taking the multifaceted evaluation tool into use developed for open youth work (2018–2020).

Anu Gretschel

Anu Gretschel

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