Thoughts of NEET youth on the future, democracy and public services – additional sample of the Youth Barometer (2017–2020)

The Youth Barometer is an annual study published by the State Youth Council and the Finnish Youth Research Network, which has been studying the values and attitudes of young people since 1994. The material for the Youth Barometer is collected with telephone interviews with young people aged from 15 to 29. It is clear that telephone interviews are not necessarily the best way to reach the most vulnerable people. So what if we just forget the telephone and ask investigative youth workers to help?

In the additional sample of the Youth Barometer project we plunge into the lives of young people by interviewing them face-to-face and by analysing data in registers relating to the lives of young people. The study investigates the way in which wellbeing and relationship with society are manifested in the lives of NEET youth and what is the best way to support them in a good life. The study assists decision-making, such as the work of Professor Juho Saari’s working group on inequality and the social security reform. The study is funded by the Foundation for Municipal Development, the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southwestern Finland and the Prime Minister’s Office.

The report of the study will be published in 2020. 

Poster composed for the Annual Conference of Youth Studies 2018 presents the theoretical framework of the study.


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