Sustainable wellbeing for youth in East Helsinki – Break the Fight! Opportunity to be heard - monitoring and evaluation of the #BTFEastHelsinki project (2018–2021)

The research project is monitoring and evaluating the Break the Fight! project funded by the City of Helsinki using developmental evaluation methods. Opportunity to be heard #BTFEastHelsinki takes street art workshop processes to schools and youth centres, and the results of the processes will be presented in public places in East Helsinki. The project also organises low-threshold leisure activities for young people in a shopping centre and in skate parks during the summer. The purpose of the study is to evaluate the effectiveness and accessibility of various activities, especially among those young people in grades 5, 6 and 7 who do not have any hobbies. The study is funded by the City of Helsinki / Intomieliset ry.

The Finnish Youth Research Network previously carried out a monitoring and evaluation study in the Break the Fight! project’s national tour project (2017-2018).


Sofia Laine

Sofia Laine

Research Professor

PhD, title of docent in Youth Research (University of Tampere)

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