Research-based review of the role of regional coordination of youth information and counselling (2017)

Provision of youth information and counselling services is a demanding form of youth work, as the availability and timeliness of such services are affected by a variety of factors, from professional competence to the simultaneous changes in young people’s lives and their information needs. The national development centre Koordinaatti and the professional local support service, which is known as the regional coordination model, support the high-quality production of these services. The Finnish Youth Research Network is producing a research-based and future-oriented external review of the role of regional coordination and its potential directions. The data used in this short study includes interviews of regional coordinators and their supervisors and the data of an earlier questionnaire. At the core of this study is the examination of the targets, focuses and impacts of operations within this field that develops youth wellbeing. Another special feature of the reporting is understanding the work of Koordinaatti and the regional coordination within the context of Finnish and European youth work and policy at a time of change in these fields. Research commissioned by: Koordinaatti – National Development Centre of Youth Information and Counselling in Finland.


Anu Gretschel

Anu Gretschel

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