Promoting gender and culture sensitive career guidance (Potential, 2019–2021)

The project focuses particularly on producing easily approached and practical educational materials for gender and culture sensitive career guidance. The aim is to raise awareness, and to transform the awareness about the gender and culture bias in career guidance into good practices to counteract it. The results of our development work will be disseminated in educational institutions and in guidance services nationally.

In this project, segregation is approached via an intersectional approach, taking into account the people’s multiple social differences and how they jointly constitute social positions. Educational and vocational choices differ even based on age, ethnic background and social class. In order to combat segregation, there is a need for a holistic gender and culture sensitive approach to career guidance. Our perception of gender is diverse, taking into account gender minorities

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Tommi Hoikkala

Tommi Hoikkala

Research Professor emeritus

Adjunct Professor (University of Helsinki), Adjunct Professor (Aalto University), Doctor H.C. (University of Uppsala)

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