Study on the position of reform schools in the changing service system (2016–2017)

Reform schools have been part of the Finnish child welfare system for over a century. The Government’s Programme to address child and family services (LAPE) will reorganise the most demanding child and family services requiring special expertise. Reform schools are part of this service package, so LAPE and the National Institute for Health and Welfare asked the Finnish Youth Research Network to study the position and tasks of reform schools in the future.

The target of the study is to study the backgrounds and support needs of young people placed in reform school, the regional distribution of the services offered by reform schools, the positioning of reform schools within the field of more demanding services, the cooperation networks of reform schools and the education, rehabilitation and care provided by reform schools. Reform schools are also studied as a part of child welfare services. Directors, special social workers and school principals from the seven reform schools in Finland are interviewed in the study.

Elina Pekkarinen: Koulukoti murroksessa ("Reform schools in change") was published in Finnish by the Finnish Youth Research Society in 2017.

Commissioned by: Programme to address child and family services (LAPE) key project, funded by: National Institute for Health and Welfare & Finnish Youth Research Society.


Elina Pekkarinen

Elina Pekkarinen

Senior researcher (on temp. leave from 14th of January 2019)

Adjunct Professor / Title of Docent in social work (University of Helsinki), PhD, Licensed Social worker

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