The multidimensional nature of school bullying as the subject of youth work and research – experiences of bullying and its prevention (2017–2018)

The Finnish Youth Research Network is implementing a study on a project on school bullying that is being carried out by the Children of the Station association in 2017–2018 (The multidimensional problems of bullying and getting to grips with this). The Children of the Station’s project is developing tools to prevent and investigate bullying with multi-professional methods in situations in which the offence has been reported to the police.

The study will examine school bullying and particularly intervention into school bullying as a social and cultural phenomenon within the framework of this project. The purpose of the study is to promote the development of the project’s practices by producing information on the phenomenon of bullying in the school’s social operating environment from the perspective of various actors.

An action research approach will be used in the first stage. The research design will become clear when the project has launched during spring 2017.

The researcher will be Noora Hästbacka, M.Soc.Sc. The project will be led by Senior Researcher Elina Pekkarinen PhD (So.Sci.).

Commissioned / funded by: Children of the Station


Elina Pekkarinen

Elina Pekkarinen

Senior researcher (on temp. leave from 14th of January 2019)

Adjunct Professor / Title of Docent in social work (University of Helsinki), PhD, Licensed Social worker

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