Methods of researching young people and youth work (2016-2018)

The project surveys the methods that have been used to study youth work, and creates an overall picture of the ways in which Finnish research has aimed to interpret, understand and assess youth work. The basis for the project is that there is more than just a casual relationship between youth work and youth research, and that the study of youth work requires an understanding of the ways of producing data on young people and youth. The study of youth work is understood on many levels in the project: it may be the study of the youth policy environment, the analysis of workers’ cultures, young people’s experiences as service recipients, or assessments of the types of changes achieved by the services. The project analyses qualitative and quantitative methods and speaks out on the relationships between researchers and the field. As a result of the project, a basic presentation of the ways in which young people and youth work has been studied will be published.

Project coordinators: Adjunct professor (docent) Tomi Kiilakoski, Ph.D., and Professor Päivi Honkatukia (University of Tampere).

Funding: Ministry of Education and Culture / sphere of youth work and policy.


Tomi Kiilakoski

Tomi Kiilakoski

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