Logistics at work. Young men moving goods in warehouse and transportation services (Logistics, 2020–2025)

How are the flows of goods kept in motion? How is it possible that the shelves in your local supermarket are fully stacked and stuff you ordered online end up in your front door in due time? Global capitalism relies on work done in the logistics sector, and supply chain management is central to value production. Yet, we know little about work in this sector.

This project examines work in the logistics sector and investigates three interrelated questions:

  1. How are goods kept in motion? Is value production dependent on embodied skills, automatization, or management reforms?
  2. How does automatization and technological control change work practices and the meaning of work?
  3. How do young workers in the sector construct themselves as valuable workers in the post-Fordist labor market?

The project generates new knowledge of logistical work in warehouses and young people's working conditions as well as labor market transformations, such as robotization and automatization in the service sector.


Lotta Haikkola

Lotta Haikkola

Academy Research Fellow

Doctor of Social Sciences, Docent

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