Gender equality, ethnicity and sexuality: Multicultural sex education in Finland, Sweden and Norway 2015–2018



Sex education is rarely studied from the perspective of multiculturalism. How are cultural differences visible in sex education in Nordic countries and how should they be taken into account better? Who has the right to define what type of sex education is high quality and how do these perceptions colour views of gender equality and equal opportunities? In this study, sex education provided in Finland, Sweden and Norway is approached from an individual and structural perspective.

In the study interviews are carried out with young people and sex education professionals, and sex education textbooks currently in use and sexual health statistics of Finland, Sweden and Norway are analysed. The study produces a wealth of new information on sex education, the outlooks of young people and multiculturalism. This information can also be used in education and social services.

The project is funded by the Academy of Finland (three-year funding granted to the postdoctoral researcher).