Encounters, participation and sense of community in a project enhancing excursions and hobbies in children’s home (2017–2018)

In 2017 Save the Children Finland launched a project funded by the Lastenlinna Foundation, which aims to improve the wellbeing and development of children and young people living in children's homes by providing excursions and community-based hobbies. Finnish Youth Research Network is conducting a study, which aims to find out, what kind of impacts the excursions and hobbies have on the interaction between children and adults and peers. The study focuses particularly on the experiences of children and young people without leaving the adult’s points of view to the side. The study utilizes methods from participatory action research. Based on the results, an operational model, which can be adapted to other similar communities, will be developed. The project’s researcher is Jenni Moisio and supervisor is Elina Pekkarinen.

The project is funded by the Save the Children Finland.


Elina Pekkarinen

Elina Pekkarinen

Senior researcher (on temp. leave from 14th of January 2019)

Adjunct Professor / Title of Docent in social work (University of Helsinki), PhD, Licensed Social worker

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