Digital youth − Social media as a site for learning about food and eating (2016-2017)

The study explores Finnish students’ digital school food culture, that is, what young people’s perspectives on school food stand for in a digital environment. A further aim is to analyze how social media platforms provide a context for students’ participation in food culture and the production of contents with youth cultural relevance. Data is collected through digital ethnography, that is, ethnography conducted online. In the study, YouTube as a social media platform is approached as an opportunity to tap into themes considered as engaging and interesting for young people, as well as to develop conceptualizations of informal, food-related learning in digital surroundings. The research approach draws on current literature stating that notions such as informed consent need redefinition and clarifications in terms of qualitative digital research with participants under the age of 15 years. The research bears relevance to those researchers and practitioners that aspire to approach food education in an adolescent-centered way.

Funding: Elli Suninen and Rachel Troberg Foundation.


Kristiina Janhonen

Kristiina Janhonen


PhD (Education)

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