Young people testing art. A study on the effects of the Art Testers initiative on young people (2018–2019)

The aim of this study is to examine the effects of the Art Testers initiative, particularly from young people’s point of view. We will also examine the elements that enable or hinder positive effects. In addition, we will also evaluate the need to take young people to experience art in their own region or further afield. The study also aims to evaluate which assessment methods should be used in future to assess the (quality and) effects of the Art Testers initiative. Research interviews (initial interviews and follow-up interviews) will be carried out in the 10 schools from all over the country, 5 rural and 5 urban, that were selected to participate in the study. The total number of people interviewed for the study will be 80–120. In addition to the interviews, ethnographic fieldwork will be conducted: researchers travel with two schools on their Art Testers trips. In addition a course “Introduction to ethnographic evaluation research”, which is aimed at students at the University of Helsinki, is taking place during the fall 2018. The study will be carried out over the period 1.4.2018–31.12.2019. A book as well as scientific journal articles both in English and Finnish will be published.

Photo: (From left to right) Maaria Hartman and Sofia Laine travelling around Finland interviewing 8th graders on Art Testers initiative.



Sofia Laine

Sofia Laine

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PhD, title of docent in Youth Research (University of Tampere)

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