Children, Youth, Adults and Elderly Assessing Sports Venues (2011–2012)

Children, Youth, Adults and Elderly Assessing Sports Venues - The Nature of Assessments of Various Population Segments, Result-based Municipally Agreed Development Activities and Analysis of Necessary Development Activities on Municipal, Regional and National Decision-making Level (2011–2012)

The project’s aim is to test and institutionalise an activity model, where representatives of various population segments assess sports services to support municipal decision-making. A discussion seminar day method is used for assessment. Municipal citizens acting as evaluators first concentrate on the assessed themes in small groups. Discussion events between municipal citizens and municipal decision-makers for jointly developing services form a central part of the methodology. The research and development project is funded by the Sports Division of the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.


Anu Gretschel (PhD)

Sofia Laine (M.Soc.Sc. (Diss.)

Temporary research assistant: Eija Kauniskangas

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