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Printed publications are part of the Publication Series of the Finnish Youth Research Network. In addition to printed publications the Finnish Youth Research Network publishes Electronic Publications, which can be downloaded from our online bookstore

Printed publications in English are listed below and the comprehensive series of the written publications in Finnish can be found from the page Julkaisusarja (in Finnish). 

Selection of publications which have abstracts in English can be found from the page Abstracts of publications.

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Publications in English

Studying the impact of international youth work. Towards developing an evaluation tool for youth centres
Anu Gretschel (ed.), Tina Cupar, Merle Linno, Tomi Kiilakoski, Noora Hästbacka & Antti Korhonen

Relationship between young people and welfare services (an abbreviated version of Nuoret luukulla. Kolme näkökulmaa syrjäytymiseen ja nuorten asemaan palvelujärjestelmässä, published in collaboration with the Nordic Welfare Centre) 
Sanna Aaltonen, Päivi Berg & Salla Ikäheimo

I am Fire but my Environment is the Lighter. A Study on Locality, Mobility, and Youth Engagement in the Barents Region.
Tomi Kiilakoski

Exceptional Life Courses. Elite Athletes and Successful Artists in 2000s Finland
Mikko Salasuo, Mikko Piispa & Helena Huhta

Finnish Youth Research Anthology 1999–2014
Tommi Hoikkala & Meri Karjalainen (eds.) 

Youth Barometer Summary 2014
Sami Myllyniemi 

Children’s Media Barometer 2013. Media Uses of 0–8 year-old Children and Changes in Media Uses Since 2010 (pdf)
Annikka Suoninen
Abridged edition.

Youth guarantee in everyday life and politics in the Finnish context (pdf)
Introduction to a pamphlet by the Finnish Youth Research Network
Anu Gretschel, Kari Paakkunainen, Anne-Mari Souto & Leena Suurpää

Youth Participation Good Practices in Different Forms of Regional and Local Democracy (pdf)
Gretschel, Levamo, Kiilakoski, Laine, Mäntylä, Pleyers, Raisio

Cultural practices and transitions in education
Tarja Tolonen, Tarja Palmu, Sirpa Lappalainen, Tuuli Kurki (Editors)

The Illusion of the Prolongation of Youth – Transition to Adulthood among Finnish and French Female University Students
Aurélie Mary

Perspectives to Doping Substance Use outside Elite Sports in Finland (pdf)
Mikko Salasuo & Mikko Piispa

Young Actors in Transnational Agoras. Multi-sited Ethnography of Cosmopolitan Micropolitical Orientations
Sofia Laine

Youth Work in Finland – Finding Ways for Intercultural Opening (pdf)
Marja Peltola

Youth participation in Finland and in Germany. Status analysis and data based recommendations (pdf)
Eva Feldmann-Wojtachnia, Anu Gretschel, Vappu Helmisaari,Tomi Kiilakoski, Aila-Leena Matthies, Sigrid Meinhold-Henschel, Roland Roth & Pia Tasanko

Intergenerational Relations in Families with an Immigrant Background (pdf)
Marja Peltola

Mixed Methods in Youth Research (pdf)
Helve, Helena (ed.)

Internet, Interaction and Networking
Yndigegn, Carsten & Waara, Peter & Paakkunainen, Kari (eds.)

Masculinities and Violence in Youth Cultures
Leena Suurpää & Tommi Hoikkala (eds.)

Beyond Health Literacy – Youth Cultures, Prevention and Policy
Hoikkala, Tommi & Hakkarainen, Pekka & Laine, Sofia (eds.)

Youth and Life Management - Youth Perspectives
Helve, Helena & Bynner, John (eds.)

Unification and Marginalisation of Young People
Helve, Helena (ed.)