The Backside of Sport

Equal opportunities and equality in sports and exercise

(In Finnish: Urheilun takapuoli. Tasa-arvo ja yhdenvertaisuus liikunnassa ja urheilussa)

Päivi Berg & Marja Kokkonen (ed.)


It is often assumed that in Finland, a country considered to be a role model for equality, there is a level playing field for all in sports and exercise. This multidisciplinary book examines equality and equal op­portunities in leisure sports and exercise on the one hand and, on the other, the injustice, such as racism and other forms of discrimination, within these areas of life.

The Backside of Sport covers exercise throughout the human life cycle, and discusses children, young people, working age people and the elderly. In addition to gender, other differentiating factors that exist and have an influence within sports and exercise, such as ethnicity, social class, overweight, age and sexual orientation, are also discussed. The subject is approached from both a qualitative and a quantitative perspective using data based on observation, interviews, questionnaires and documents. The thematics are studied from the perspectives of social and human movement sciences, youth research, gender and girl studies, pedagogics, psychology, digital culture and folklore.

The book is intended for educational and research use at universities, universities of applied sciences and other areas of education. The book is equally suitable for education and training professionals in early child­hood education, basic education, upper secondary education, and upper secondary vocational education and training, and for use in youth work, teacher training, coaching training and training provided in sports clubs and other organisations.