Charged Up And Online: Advances in Youth Work

Jani Merikivi, Päivi Timonen ja Leena Tuuttila (eds.)

(In Finnish: Sähköä ilmassa. Näkökulmia verkkoperustaiseen nuorisotyöhön)

Finnish youth work online has recently been attracting wide-spread interest. Youth work can be done using the tools of information technology and it has been shown possible to successfully reach, meet and support youths through the internet.

In recent years, developments in youth work methods have been made on both theoretical and practical levels. Charged up and Online: Advances in Youth Work, written as a joint project by the Finnish Youth Research Society, the University of Applied Sciences (HUMAK) and City of Helsinki Youth Department, is the first survey of youth work on the Internet that knits practical cases and theoretical articles closely together into a rich dialogue that paints a comprehensive picture of the existing operating models. The book describes the ever-changing job of the youth worker and encourages readers to discuss strategic guidelines and directions of youth work online.

Charged up and Online: Advances in Youth Work is well-suited as a youth and social studies textbook for methodology courses as well as supplementary reading for all youth workers who want to extend their professional know-how.