Kristiina Janhonen

Kristiina Janhonen


PhD (Education)

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I received my PhD in Education at the University of Helsinki in January 2016. The title of my doctoral dissertation was “Adolescents’ Participation and Agency in Food Education”. I’m working as a grant researcher at the Finnish Youth Research Society between 9.1. ─9.7.2017. My ongoing research project focuses on young people’s digital food cultures and youth-initiated materials on school food and school meal situations in a YouTube environment. My broader research interests include studying food related learning at the intersection of informal and institutional contexts; understanding young people’s food practices through qualitative and quantitative methods; development of participatory research methods; and school meals.

Highlights from my professional background and other academic activities

In addition to my doctoral degree, I am a home economics teacher and a chef by profession. During my four-year employment relationship as a doctoral researcher at the University of Helsinki (2011─2015) I taught and provided academic council for undergraduate students within qualitative and quantitative research methods. I have worked as a supervisor for a Master’s Thesis and I am currently a member in an advisory board for a doctoral dissertation. Due to my interdisciplinary background, I actively function as a peer reviewer to a variety of academic journals. I am a member of the publication board of the Finnish Youth Research Society on the term 2017─2018.

List of Publications

A Peer-reviewed scientific articles and book chapters

Janhonen, K., Mäkelä, J. and Palojoki, P. (2016a), “Adolescents’ school lunch practices as an educational resource”, Health Education, Vol. 116 No. 3, pp. 292–309.

Janhonen, K., Mäkelä, J. and Palojoki, P. (2016b), “Food education: from normative models to promoting agency”, in Sumner, J. (Ed.), Learning, Food, and Sustainability: Sites for Resistance and Change, Palgrave/Macmillan, London, pp. 93–110.

Janhonen, K., Mäkelä, J. and Palojoki, P. (2015), “Peruskoulun ruokakasvatus ravintotiedosta ruokatajuun” [Secondary school food education from nutritional knowledge to food sense], in Janhonen-Abruquah, H. and Palojoki, P. (Eds.), Luova ja vastuullinen kotitalousopetus [Creative and Responsible Home Economics Education], Kotitalous- ja käsityötieteiden julkaisuja 38, Unigrafia, Helsinki, pp. 107–121.

Janhonen, K., Benn, J., Fjellström, C., Mäkelä, J. and Palojoki, P. (2013), “Company and meal choices considered by Nordic adolescents”, International Journal of Consumer Studies, Vol. 37 No. 6, pp. 587–595.

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D Publications intended for professional communities

Janhonen, K. (2016), “Ruokakasvatus, kouluruokailu ja nuorten ruokakulttuuri” [Food education, school meals and students’ food culture], Elintarvike ja Terveys, Vol. 30 No. 6, pp. 52–56.

Janhonen, K. (2016), “Uusi opetussuunnitelma mahdollistaa kouluruokailun kehittämisen yhdessä oppilaiden kanssa” [The new curriculum enables developing school lunches with students], Kotitalous, Vol. 80 No. 3, available at: (accessed 20 September 2016).

Janhonen, K., Kauppinen, E., Mäkelä, J. and Palojoki, P. (2016), “Ruokataju on omakohtaista ymmärrystä ruokavalinnoista” [Food sense is personal understanding of food choices], Kotitalous, Vol. 79 No. 2, available at: (accessed 20 September 2016).

Janhonen, K. (2014), “Kumiperunan lyhyt historia” [A short history of the rubbery potato], Kotitalous, Vol. 77 No. 4, available at: (accessed 20 September 2016).

Janhonen, K. (2014), “Kännykät ja kouluruokailu” [Mobile phones and school meals], Kotitalous, Vol. 78 No. 3, available at: (accessed 20 September 2016).

G Theses

Janhonen, K. (2016), Adolescents’ Participation and Agency in Food Education, Faculty of Behavioural Sciences, University of Helsinki, Academic Dissertation (Articles).

Kainulainen, K. (2009), Ravintoa keholle, ruokaa mielelle – Vertailututkimus pohjoismaisten nuorten ruokatottumuksista kotona ja koulussa [Nutrition for the Body, Food for the Soul – A Comparative Study of Nordic Youngsters’ Eating Habits at Home and at School], Faculty of Behavioural Sciences, University of Helsinki, Master’s Thesis.